Past Concerts

The Chamber of Music, 2017
MMO's 2016 charity chamber concert
Marches of Love, 2017
MMO's 2017 autumn concert

Music for the Valley, 2016
MMO'S 2016 annual Gippsland tour

Transfusions, 2016
MMO'S 2016 autumn concert

The Chamber of Music, 2016
MMO's 2016 charity chamber concert

Wonderful & Wicked, 2016
MMO's 2016 spring concert
Celebrating MMO's 5th anniversary

The Chamber of Music, 2015
MMO's 2015 charity chamber concert

Revolutions, 2015
MMO's 2015 autumn concert

Love & War
MMO's 2014 spring concert
Joined by the Exaudi choir

The Birds and the Bees
MMO's 2014 autumn concert

Spring Classics
MMO's 2013 spring concert
Joined by Medchoir and the Monash Chorale

MMO's 2013 autumn concert
Joined by Medchoir
Musical Remedies
MMO's second 2012 autumn concert
Joined by MedChoir
Magical Musical Medley
MMO's first 2012 autumn concert
Joined by MedChoir

Autumn Concert 2012
MMO's first concert of 2012.
Joined by Medchoir.

Inaugural Season, 2011
MMO's very first concert.
Joined by MedChoir and Selective Talent.